The Saga of the Gringos Continues!

We have been in Puerto for a week now.  We still have three weeks left!  Wow.  I’m super proud of us that we have only turned the AC on once, and that was to test it.  While it is warm and humid here, there is almost always a great breeze coming off of the ocean at our place.  Nice.  Our place.

As our friend Robin likes to say, “I love wave TV!”  This is the never-ending view of the ocean and all of the fishing and play boats parading in front of us all day long.  The hot thing seems to be this inflated canoe-like thing that the tourists straddle and then get pulled around the bay by a boat.  We have seen some spectacular capsizes with all on the inflatable going into the water.  It beats real TV any day.

The Return of the Scorpion King

It’s not what you think.  We have had no more Señor Scorpios in the condo.  However, one night we were sitting on the deck looking at the beautiful, clear sky full of stars.  As we looked up, we saw definite patterns and thought it had to be some sort of constellation.  We downloaded an Android app called Star Map out of curiosity, and, sure enough, right over the ocean in front of our building was Scorpios.  I do love a theme!  Star Map is a cool app that you just point at the sky, and it tells you what you are seeing.

Do You Know the Way to Super Che?

CHEDRAUIgrandIn Puerto, there is a Costco type store close to us.  It is called Chedraui, but everyone calls it the Super Che. It is always packed with locals and tourists alike.  At home, we never get out of Costco without spending $300 for whatever reason.  Same thing here except we never seem to get out of Super Che without spending $90 US.  When we first got here, we justified this as needing to stock the new house with essentials.  However, now we seem to have a reason to go everyday… There must be some addictive smell in the store that makes you want to keep coming back.

It is entertaining to just walk around the store though.  They have a huge bakery section where they make everything right in the store.  From breads to deserts, they have it all.  I like how you buy stuff in the bakery.  You pick up a metal tray and some tongs and pick what you want out of the bins.  Then there is a bakery check-out where the store clerks wrap up your items to take to the front to pay.  It’s also fun to look at the strange fruits and vegetables like the fresh lychee nuts and star fruit.

Since everyone goes to the Super Che, it is more than likely that you will see someone you know, or you will meet someone new.  Tim and I met a couple from the US there the other day.  They run a hotel at Zicatela Beach called Casamar, and they invited us over for their weekly meet-and-greet that includes their friends and hotel guests for happy hour on the roof top of the hotel.  We gladly accepted!

Love Shack?

Love ShackOn the way to Casamar for happy hour, Tim and I found this lovely home.  Too bad we didn’t see this before we decided on the condo. 😉 Pick your favorite name for this beauty:

  1. Casa HaHa
  2. Moroccan Love Shack
  3. Candy Crush Castle
  4. CameNOT
  5. Moon Doggie
  6. Fun with Flags
  7. Moons over Micranny
  8. My Heart Belongs to Ustedes
  9. Rosebud
  10. WTF
  11. Nightmare on Puebla Street

Here is the link to Casamar Suites.  It really is a lovely place with beautiful gardens, a pool, complimentary yoga and WiFi, walking distance to the beach, and traditional Mexican style Talavera tiles everywhere.  Not to mention that our new friends and owners of the hotel, Will and Rosalee, are wonderful people that make their guests feel special.

Stupid Gringo Tricks

Poking a little fun at ourselves, we have been noting some things that are particular to us great white northerners.  Jeff Foxworthy, eat your heart out!

You might be a gringo if…

  1. You are the only one in the room dripping with sweat from head to toe.
  2. You try to find Italian sausage or sweet pickle relish in deep Mexico.
  3. You bring your own insulated Costco bag to the Super Che.
  4. You nod a lot and talk with your hands.
  5. SPF 100 is still not strong enough.
  6. You think the pool is cold when the water is 85 degrees, and you consider a dip in the pool a shower.
  7. You don’t understand what “Arroz Inflado (Sabor con Chocolate)” cereal is even when there is a picture of it on the box. (Chocolate Rice Puffs)

Mas Photos & Info                                                                                                                                                         

Here is the latest collection of photos and links for some of the places we are enjoying.

Danny’s Terrace

Diana at Danny'sWe fouDanny'snd a great restaurant in downtown Puerto.  They have fresh seafood and traditional Mexican dishes with a nice view of the bay. This was right after a big rain storm.


Tim at FreshOur friends from our first two trips, Clint and Yvette, own Fresh at the heart of Zicatela Beach.  It is right on the surfing beach with amazing international dishes that Yvette creates.  She is also a master baker, and she comes up with the most sinful deserts ever.  I had the Eggs Benedict for breakfast on Sunday which was really good and included Yvette’s homemade English muffins.


One thought on “The Saga of the Gringos Continues!

  1. Hi Diana, I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. It’s informative, but funny. See, I told you, you could write a book. Love, Mom

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