Move Over Clint! The Gringos are Back!

We are into our third week in Puerto Escondido.  My, how time flies.  We now know what the “rainy season” means here.  We have had a near hurricane and several days of flooding in the town.  The “sort of” hurricane was really interesting.  We woke up at 4am to 2 inches of water in our bedroom and living room.  Fun times.  Of course, we made a trip to the Super Che to get a squeegee. Even with this adventure, we love it here.  Wave TV is still on every day, and I will take that anytime over regular TV.

Working Night and Day

We have full coverage in the condo.  Tim and I are up at 6am until 9pm.  Alex and Holden are up at 3pm until 5am.  Everyday.  Alex says this is because his shift is the coolest time of the day, and they can at least not sweat.  Hmmm.  I don’t believe this.  I think it is more because no one else is using the internet!  It is amazing how four people can have so many devices going at the same time.  The internet here is still 10x better than at home.  Go figure.

They Say It’s Your Birthday!

During one of the rainy days, Tim and I went to Playa Zicatela for fish tacos.  Here is a picture of Tim with his big huge Jamaica Splash.

Jamaica Small
Tim with his BIG Jamaica

Jamaica (pronounced haMIKEa) is a flower that is boiled in water like tea and made into a lovely berry tasting drink.  It is used in Slurpee like drinks like Tim is having as well as margaritas.

Sunday was my cumpleaño.  My birthday.  I love my birthday, because I am the princess for the day (although I actually celebrate the whole month!)  I decided that I wanted to spend the evening having dinner at Fresh with our friends Clint and Yvette.

Birthday View
Birthday View

The thing about dining on the beach in Puerto is that you can make it an all evening event, and there is plenty to see and talk about.  Vendors come by with their wares like hammocks, shirts, and jewelry.  My favorite on this particular evening was a guy with little animal bobble heads.  He immediately picked out a turkey for me and set it down on the table.  I was feeling a little feisty, so I asked him (in Spanish) why he picked the

Holden's Glasses Small
Holden’s Glasses With a View

turkey.  Was it because we were Americans, and we love turkey? Yvette laughed and said that is exactly why!  Well, the turkey was so darn cute of course I bought it, and we got a couple of really cute turtles too.




Alex and Holden got all artsy on us and took this cool picture of the beach reflected in Holden’s sun glasses.


We made dinner a European affair ordering drinks then appetizers then, some time way later, the main course.  Yvette made a delicious pumpkin and chocolate cake for my birthday.  I never eat dessert, but I did this time!  We also met everyone in the restaurant.  My kind of birthday.


We are really feeling like home owners right now.  Before we got here, there was a small earthquake that made some of the tiles in the spare bedroom pop up and crack.  We have had the tile guys in now for several days making repairs.  We discovered that most of the tiles in the room must be replaced as well as part of the sub-floor.  I swear that it was a small earthquake (only 4.8), but this is what it is like to have a place here.

Mas Pescados Por Favor

Tim finally got in the water in front of the condo to do some free diving.  We have been on so many trips where he lugs his spearfishing equipment through the airport (sometimes it doesn’t make it with us), and he never uses it.  His biggest fear was that there would not be any fish in the water that he can walk to.  So far, that fear is a reality, but I’m holding out hope that he will hit it big and be happy as a clam.  Tim in the Water SmallTomorrow, he is going down the coast with a new friend to see if he can have a more fruitful diving experience.  We can definitely use some fresh fish!  On a separate note, we went to the Mercado (the open market downtown) yesterday.  Tim found sushi grade fresh tuna for about $4.50 US per kilo.  That made Alex super happy.  We made sushi rice last night to celebrate.

Van Gogh For It!

Yesterday, I finally found the art store.  The previous owner left me her canvases and her easel, but, up until now, I only had some pastels and colored pencils.  We bought brushes, acrylic paint, and gesso for only $225 pesos.  That would have cost me $80 US at home.  I’m planning to have a painting day today.  I’ve been wanting to do a painting of the light house.  We will see.

Diana on the Deck Small
Diana on the Deck

We only have nine days left of this trip, and there is so much more we want to do.  I guess that is a good thing, since, at some point, we will be here a lot more often and for longer.  Can’t wait for that!



One thought on “Move Over Clint! The Gringos are Back!

  1. Another wonderful report. It sounds beautiful and even though nuisances WILL happen along the way, your family journey in PE is what’s important. Embrace and love it.

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